Go to the download page Youtube plugin for Joomla! is one of the most popular plugins in Jommla's extension directory. With this small and simple plugin you would be able to embed YouTube videos in your articles by simply adding brackets in the form: Youtube Joomla Code Preview

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When the x's are the id of the youtube video.

That's about it. There is nothing else you need to do. You can specify the dimensions of the video as you seem fit in the administrator panel.



3 Step Installation:


  1. Download the Youtube plugin for your Joomla! version.
  2. Upload the plugin by going to ' see Extensions' -> ' Extension Manager' . Click on 'Choose file' and then 'Upload & Install'.
  3. Enable the plugin by going to ' Extensions' -> ' enter Plug-in Manager' . Find the plugin by searching for 'youtube'. Click the red cross button to turn it to green to enable it.
click here Note: Installing the wrong youtube plugin version can cause your Joomla! instance to render incorrectly and you might not be able to enter into the administrator control panel afterwards. If this is the case, uninstall the plugin by manually deleting its folder on the server.

go to site Demo of the plugin in action:


If you get a warning such as:


JFolder::create: Could not create directory Path: /var/www/plugins/content/youtubeplugin

Plugin Install: Failed to create directory: /var/www/plugins/content/youtubeplugin

Then simply change the permissions on the ' the definitive guide to trading binary options content' folder with your FTP client (by right clicking it and specifying 777 permission) or chmod it using the terminal:

chmod 777 /var/www/plugins/content


If you have installed the plugin but it doesn't work, check that you have enabled it by toggling the red button to green in the Plug-in Manager: